What is Circle of Qi?

Circle of Qi is a holistic and spiritual tribe that began in one small community in Memphis, Tennessee and will continue to grow to more sacred cities around the United States. Memphis, Tennessee is a city of sacred energies that need to be released to everyone. It’s a city that continues to heal. It’s a city that illuminates passion and growth through its tainted past.

Victoria Smith, founder, and CEO of VSmith Media, created Circle of Qi as not only a resource for herself throughout her journey of healing. She created Circle of Qi to bring together a community of like-minded people seeking knowledge, discussion and gatherings to evolve personally and collectively.

Purpose of Circle of Qi launched first as an online directory for service providers and vendors. It will serve as an events directory for all things holistic, metaphysical and energetic. And a membership site for like- minded people to converse.  Those businesses or practitioners who wish to list their services in the online directory for a minimal annual fee will also have an annual membership as long as they list in the directory.

Mission of Circle of Qi

The site is meant to envision, enlighten and educate members about the energetic beings we are and how we as humans need to respect and honor our energy sources in order to sustain a healthy and enlightened life.  Providing Circle of Qi produced content as well as contributor content we as a tribe can help heal, replenish and sustain an environment for generations to come.

Circle of Qi will help those who wish to raise their intuitive skills, acknowledge their energetic gifts and share their experiences with others.  Use of crystals, stones, sacred geometry and the four earth elements of shamanism each seeker will be enlightened by their awakenings and grow energetically.  Contributors will provide content about the many types of energy workers and healers as well as generate quizzes to gather information to help empower your energetic growth.

Join our spiritual life force tribe

Joining Circle of Qi, a holistic and spiritual tribe, you will feel enlightened by the material and the surrounding of other seekers.  Visit our membership options to explore your choices to join. Protection Status