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Angel Meditation

How to Find Your Archangel Guides

How do we connect to the appropriate archangel guide to match our particular circumstances and experiences?

Start by getting clear within. What is it you are seeking to fortify or abolish; what do you need or desire? From there, different sources can aid you in determining which archangel will be most beneficial for you to be interacting with.

Accessing connection to an archangel can be done in a matter of minutes. The below steps can help in establishing an intentional, clear pathway for communication:

  1. Find a relaxed seated posture in a quiet place where you feel comfortable (although establishing a connection with your angel guide can be done at any time, in any place)
  2. Imagine a ray of light entering your crown, melting muscles of the face, and working its way down the body, into the limbs, and out your feet
    Feel energy being drawn up from the Earth through your feet, traveling back up the body through the crown
  3. Take three deep breaths, allowing for a sense of trust and tranquility to settle into your bones
    Feeling a sense of connection from your heart to something outside yourself
  4. Draw your thumb to your third finger on both hands, as a mudra to seal your connection and complete the circuit of energetic exchange from your heart to another outside of yourself. This simple action can be returned to whenever and wherever you find it useful.

Angel Meditation

Locate a place of silence and add light music, candles, crystals if you like. Lie down and focus your attention on breathing for a couple of minutes.

Once your breathing is steady, try to relax your body completely and focus on the angel(s) in mind and call upon them.

🎧 Listen Here to some of the archangels and their specialities.

How to Ask Your Angels For Help

Once we find the fitting angel guide, how do we ask for assistance?

Just as each archangel corresponds with different elements and situations, we can vary with the manner in which we interact with their energies. Generally speaking, Tom T. Moore, author and entertainment executive, suggests making asks as “benevolent prayers.”

He believes in speaking out loud or writing down asks to higher beings, increasing the potency of the energy behind whatever inquiry you may have, following this formula: “I ask any and all beings to [your ask]. Thank you.

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