Astrological New Year Spring Equinox

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A moment of balance and equilibrium is upon us with the March 20-21 Equinox.

On the Equinox is said that the veil between dimensions grows thin and the energy grid of Mother Earth moves into perfect harmony, allowing us to soak in the energy of balance and renewal.

The March Equinox is the start of Aries Season and start of Spring. As Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it is considered the start of the astrological new year and the start of a new adventure around the Sun.

All of this combined makes the March Equinox a powerful day for aligning in harmony with our higher selves, focusing on renewal, and creating balance.

Depending on what Mother Nature is doing around us, and where we are on our own personal trip around the Sun, we may feel called to blossom and sprout, or we may feel called to go within and retreat.

Embrace where you are, and acknowledge that just like the seasons change, so do your life circumstances. And under this March 2023 Equinox, anything is possible.

The Aries New Moon on March 21 is typically one of the best of the year for setting intentions and planting seeds for our future, and this year, we are gifted with two Aries New Moons, this one on March 21st and another on April 19th, which happens to be a very powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse.

To embrace all of these energies, use the March Equinox to soak up the energies of balance. Use this energy to return to a zero-point state where you are steady, sure, and whole in who you are.

Use the March Equinox energies to bring balance into your routine, into your diet, and into your way of being. Acknowledge where things are out of balance, and work to bring ease and harmony to those areas.

Spend time in nature soaking up the harmonizing rays of the energy grid, and recognize that new opportunities are possible. Create some intentions, visualize what you wish to attract, and stay open.

The month ahead is full of new beginnings and the March Equinox is the tipping point. The energy of creation is high, so keep your vibration lifted, your heart open, and your mind expanded.

Working with the new moon is about knowing your worth and leaning in to a life that supports it. It’s about trusting your vision and your desire to create a beautiful and abundant life and considering all of the tools you have at your disposal to help you get there.

This is a time to dream big and put your energy behind those dreams, one foundational step at a time. Shake off the cobwebs and think fresh!

New moon rituals:

—Create a vision board.

—Brainstorm dreams and goals in a journal, and for each, identify the first step you can take toward making it a reality.

—Carry healing crystals that uplift your energy and make you feel enlivened and enthusiastic.

—Practice pranayama or breath work that focuses primarily on the power of the inhalations, the part of the breath that wakes up our nervous systems and makes us feel alive and energized.

—Write and practice morning affirmations so that you start your day with a positively charged state of mind.

—Reorganize a room, move around your furniture, or change up the décor in your space.

—Put yourself in new situations and experiences—explore different neighborhoods or areas around you that you’re unfamiliar with, go to new cafes or parks, take an alternate route home, book a trip, meet up with a friend or acquaintance you’re just getting to know, or read a book genre that you’ve never been exposed to before. Open your mind to diverse ideas and see what comes from it.

When we want to sync with the novel vibes of the new moon, sensory support can get us into the right state of mind. Essential oils that are fresh, uplifting, stimulating, and vibrant really kick things up a notch, encouraging a renewed feeling of motivation by putting us in the mood to shake things up. A few key oils can also help us to think more clearly and stay focused, which is essential while setting new projects and ideas into motion. 

Try adding a few drops of one of these stimulating oils into your bath or spritz around your space in a room spray.

  • lemon
  • peppermint
  • rosemary
  • grapefruit
  • neroli
  • jasmine
  • ginger


Here are a few perfect pair “new moon vibe” essential oil combos that work well in balanced ratios of 2:2 drops.

  • lemon and ginger
  • neroli and sweet orange
  • ginger and grapefruit
  • rosemary and peppermint
  • jasmine and geranium

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Astrological New Year Spring Equinox

A moment of balance and equilibrium is upon us with the March 20-21 Equinox. On the Equinox is said that the veil between dimensions grows Protection Status