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Behind Episode 103: The Healing Matrix

Toni is the founder of the Healing Matrix Awakening and Energy Center. Her eclectic path has led her to provide the first truly personalized empowered integration of science, metaphysics, psychology, spirituality, bio-energetic hacking, and beyond, that can improve conditions of the mind, body, and spirit. She teaches that it’s not about what she can do, it’s about what you can do! This is your self-awareness/self-love and healing journey. All the services, technology, and energy tools she provides may be utilized as an integral part of the holistic healing journey needed to transcend to your highest potential and journey to your highest self.

Serving as your mirror and guide into your healing journey, she will help you to find that healing energy within yourself. She assists by exposing limiting blocks, perspectives, and trauma to be addressed and eliminated. She will guide you into learning your own personal way to effective meditation.

Toni is an Empath who awakened her abilities several years ago feeling others’ emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual energy. She translates all that information and mirrors it back to her clients. She holds a safe space for what she refers to as a “higher self to higher self” conversation, that takes place through the energy of love. Toni believes love is the highest healing energy and God /Source is Love.

Prior to her empathic abilities opening fully, Toni’s love for others and search for her own answers led her to attain a Bachelor’s of Science and a Masters in Counseling Psychology, Masters in Rehabilitation Therapy, and Post Masters Education in Medical School through Clinical Rotations. She is well-traveled, training extensively worldwide, to awaken to love, peace, wisdom, and clarity by encompassing the knowledge, wisdom, and abilities learned along her journey. Her unique holistic approach is now available to you!

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