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Physical wellness is about doing what you can to help strengthen and care for your body. The physical dimension of wellness involves encouraging regular activities that produce endurance, flexibility and strength along with encouraging knowledge about food and nutrition

As you commit to a better physical wellness you may find that the path is narrow and treacherous. Recognizing vital signs and understanding your body’s warning signs will lead to a successful path. Benefits of following a successful path are not only physically beneficial but psychologically beneficial as well. Self esteem, self control, and a sense of direction follow from the physical benefits of looking good and feeling terrific!

I have a few tips I have done that can help you improve your own Physical Wellness & Physical Fitness:

Exercise three times a week, 20-30 minutes per session

Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, and walk whenever possible

Yes, this means Move More: This does not mean undertaking an intense exercise program. In fact, starting slow is the best course of action.

Listen to your body. Physical comfort is important for wellness, so if you are feeling sick or are in pain, talk to your doctor before taking part in physical activities.

According to experts, a program to become more physically active has three main parts:

  • It is “aerobic”, meaning it is activity that gets your heart rate pumping, but not so high that you can’t talk in short sentences while you are doing it. Aerobic activity includes things like walking, swimming or riding a bike. Your goal should be 30 minutes of aerobic exercise five times per week. If you can’t start with 30 minutes, break up the time into two 15-minute walks, or three walks that last 10 minutes. Just do what you can and build your endurance over time.
  • It involves strength training, or activity that helps you maintain, tone and build your muscles. This could include working with light weights, or using a weight machine or resistance bands. Your goal should be 2 days of strength training per week.
  • It includes stretching and improving balance, to keep you flexible and steady on your feet. This could include things like yoga or Tai Chi, a graceful style of Chinese exercise.
  • Get consistent and adequate sleep

If you are having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep talk to your doctor it could be a sign of something else.  A major culprit affecting society today is sleep apnea and no one should take that for granted.

  • Learn to recognize early signs of illness

You know your body, a certain ache means illness is near, and sometimes that runny nose isn’t always a cold. Heck for me it’s a sign of losing my lunch.  TMI, I know.

  • Listen to your body

If you walked today and your body is aching don’t force another lap around the block, rest easy you’ve done good by getting out there and walking already.

  • Eat Better: Improving your diet is one of the most important parts of improving physical wellness. Maintain a healthy weight by:
    • Eating whole foods, including whole grain products (limit processed foods)
    • Eating at least 2.5 cups of fruits and vegetables each day
    • Choosing foods low in salt, saturated fat and sugar
    • Drinking water (limit alcohol and sugar sweetened drinks)

These are general guidelines. Talk to your doctor, or a nutritionist if you have special dietary requirements based on your unique situation.

Questions to ask yourself

  • What type of physical activity do I like to do?
  • Who can I find to be physically active with me?
  • What can I do to improve my diet?


Applying knowledge and skills of nutrition, exercise, and safety to your everyday routine may raise the ability to live the physically fit life.
A wise person once said, 

Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.

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