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Behind Episode 102: Symbology

In different cultures and for different people, these symbols carry reminders of divine connection and purpose. While some images depict natural phenomena with seemingly divine qualities, other metaphysical symbols evade earthly forms to give important clues of the spirit world.

Flower of Life:

The Flower of Life holds 7 overlapping symbols – the seed of Life – in a sacred geometric pattern contained within circles. The various patterns embedded within the Flower of Life depict the process of creation.

This sacred geometric shape, with its kaleidoscopic design, serves to remind us that all human life emerges in the same way and creates a unique, interwoven design as we all make connections with diverse beings.

Star of David:

The Star of David is a Judaic symbol with representations in other cultures as well. For example, it is also called the Hexagram of Solomon. Composed of two conjoined triangles, each point has a corresponding point in the polar opposite direction, representing the dual influences of nature and humanity and the elements of fire and water.

Though hard to depict on a two-dimensional plane, the Star of David aims in six directions: North, South, East, West, up, and down. This symbolizes the reach of God over humankind. The Star of David is the human access-point to unite with the divine.

This important spiritual symbol for healing can soothe and rebalance the heart chakra.


An incredible image taken from nature because of its seemingly magical ability to emerge from the filthiest depths, the spiritual symbols and meanings of the Lotus flower span numerous cultures.

Particularly important in Buddhism, the Lotus represents resurrection, transformation, and enlightenment. 

The Lotus grows from the mud, unsoiled by the foul, moldy waters around it. It folds inward to protect itself each night, only to reopen in its beauty again. This symbolizes the ability of the human soul and body to regenerate through troubling times and conflict.

The Lotus is a reminder to find compassion and forgiveness in every situation. This in turn will lead you towards enlightenment.


The sound of the universe – Om – has a visual representation that ties it to the Hindu holy trinity within the divine realms of the heaven, earth, and the underworld.

Although Om is technically a sound evoked in various meditation practices, yoga classes, and other communal gatherings, the spiritual symbol helps direct our attention to open the third eye so that we can manifest good intentions in our lives and aim for enlightened thoughts.


Tied to the Holy Trinity of Goddesses that correspond to innocence, creation, and wisdom, the Triquetra serves as a life guide to show the eternal nature of existence.

These knot-like spiritual protection symbols demonstrate the divine connection that our three-fold auras – mind, body, and soul – have even on earth. The symbol has been tattooed or carved onto bodies in different cultures as a protective amulet. 

The lesson of the Triquetra tells that what you put forth in life for others and for good will return threefold to you.

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