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Address: 1024 S. Yates
Memphis, TN
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Art•Body•Soul is a center for self-discovery in Memphis, Tennessee. Here you can enjoy art by local artists and explore options for self-healing and meditation and yoga. Madeleine Newkirk is one of 18 Dalian Method Facilitators in the world, the only one in the southeast United States. As a facilitator she is able to assist others in exploration of themselves and provide self-healing modalities like EFT, Emotional Code and Healing Touch to improve their well-being on their own. Madeleine brings art into her center because art is what has helped her to achieve self-improvement, she also used art in a unique process art experience where the client used paint to express what they are experiencing, release a blocked memory. No painting experience is required, the end result is the gratification in the process of Painting Out Loud.

Business Website Address: Art•Body•Soul Website
Business Phone Number: 901-207-4161
Breath of Energia Healing
Address: 38018
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Breath of Energia Healing is JoAnn Kisler an empath who has gone beyond the exploration of herself by fulfilling a master’s degree in Metaphysics and is nearing completion of her Doctorate.  Through her journey of self-exploration, she was guided to expand to others to fulfill her mission in life.  JoAnn serves this mission as a spiritual life coach, energy healer, and yoga teacher.

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Business Phone Number: 901-337-7127
Consults by Cheryl
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Consults by Cheryl is a spiritual practice offering intuitive readings, Psycard and intuitive card readings, energy chakra balancing, Tibetan bowl vibrational healing, past life regression hypnosis, Reiki Sessions, Ear Acupuncture, and spiritual ceremonies.

Cheryl Yarbrough is an ordained minister authorized to perform weddings and spiritual ceremonies.

Hempworx Independent Distributor
Address: 38134
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Ginger Hammer is an Independent Distributor of pure, organic, non-GMO, 3rd party tested Hempworx CBD oil and products. Full spectrum and THC free oils, pain relief cream, facial cream, pet products, CBD infused coffee and creamer. Natural nutritional sprays too. 60 day money back guarantee.

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Business Phone Number: (901) 409-1146
Jonte Bouchard
Address: 4564 Warden Rd.
Suite B
Memphis, Tenn
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Jonté Bouchard is a Reiki practitioner, distance healer and life coach. In addition to Reiki, she offers chakra balancing through crystal healing and intuitive counseling. She is also willing to offer Pet Reiki to small dogs and cats.

Jonté holds a BA in psychology as well as a Masters in French Linguistics. She is also a specialist in Braille. Having studied at Sewanee, Middlebury and the American University of Paris, she deeply understands the emotional spectrum of being a college student. The pressure of quality education can wear down the physical and spiritual bodies, so she is here to provide Reiki and energy healing for college students and other adults who seek balancing.

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Love and Light Vibrations
Address: 4564 Warden Rd. 2nd Floor
Memphis, TN
Short Business Description: Spiritual practice offering Reiki sessions, handcrafted essential oils, and custom made chakra jewelry.
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Love and Light Vibrations is a spiritual practice offering Reiki sessions, handcrafted essential oils, and custom made chakra jewelry.  The practice is made up of Reiki Masters, Charlie Spencer and Tonya Bloom.

Business Phone Number: (901) 481-7376
Lunar Alchemy
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Lunar Alchemy by Pauline Lathram
Pauline offers these services for those who seek energetic balance in their life.

1. Turning Smart Phone into a Shamanic Tool
2. Lunar Alchemy installed in a person’s energy field
3. Whole house/Family (or business) treatment

If you peruse this website, you will easily be able to determine the major influences on my work and a bit about the theory behind it. The distance treatments are done through the use of symbolic radionics. The application is based on the theory of subtle energies as developed by French radiesthesiologists in the mid-twentieth century.

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Shirley Hawkins
Address: 38122
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Shirley Hawkins works as a Shamanic Reiki Master, Healing Touch I Practitioner, IET Practitioner II, and Color Therapist in her business Solutions to Better Health

Shirley has lived in Memphis,Tennessee her whole life. Her Passion is helping others Heal Naturally. She comes with 43 years experience as a nurse with 17 of those years in cancer research, and she continues her studies in Alternative Medicine/ Remedies. Shirley is currently working on her Certification as an Alternative Holistic Psychologist.

She has studied and worked 16 years in Alternative Holistic Medicine. She currently uses Tapping, Sound Therapy, Magnets and The Emotion Code in her work. She also uses Tuning Forks, Crystals and Essential Oils, these are just a few of the Holistic approaches to healing that you will experience from Shirley.

“I am Divinely guided as to each Healing session I offer. I work from my Heart and only in Love. I receive messages from the Holy Spirit and share them with those in need. I also work with Animals in Healing.” She adds, “I am a strong advocate on healthy living, and for that reason I am a distributor of The Bio Mat, Tyent USA Water Filters,
The original Aqua Chi Foot bath, Essential Oils, and Hemp CBD oils.”

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Business Phone Number: 901-487-0771
Sky River Readings
Address: 38018
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Charlotte Sky River is a Spirit and Card reader as well as a Reiki Master light worker. Sky River has been doing readings for over 20 years after hearing from spirit since she was just 5 years old. After staying under the radar since she is in the Bible belt in Memphis, Tennessee she decided to go semi-public in 2019 to offer services to more people openly after completing her Reiki Master classes and participating in more local metaphysical groups.

“During a reading I get a lil’ glimpse of heavens beauty and I want to share that feeling of love and connection with others,” Sky River says.

For any given reading I will only ask you for your name and phone number to make contact for your reading. As soon as you book, I get a sense that something is coming so spirit comes quickly and I begin taking journal of everything that happens. About 15 minutes before I call you, I light a candle and ask for all the company of heaven to assist me in your reading and messages for the highest good. I clear out all negative energy and entities to their next level of highest good on all the items used before the reading. I will also clear and intention my auric field using Palo Santo. I will have a pen and paper for any messages I receive. When I call you I will tell you what information I received and if any crossed over loved ones come through and I will give you their messages. If the spirit of your loved ones can stay with me long enough I’ll try to connect the two of you together. Sometimes I fell so much like a phone operator trying to establish an energy connection, so to speak.

After I give you the spirit messages I also like to use the energy from cards, Tarot Angel, Oracle or Karma cards.

I’m a positive person and won’t tell you negative information that may impact your relationships. However, if you are experiencing negative energy from someone I may pick up on that and mention it to your just for confirmation. More and more often it does happen that as the readings continue the future will start to unfold. It’s my belief we are here on this earth to learn lessons about emotions, energy and our own limitations.

After you make an appointment I will call you at the number you give at the time you choose. I live in Memphis Tn that is Central time zone. Please tell me the state you are located so I can be sure to call you at the correct time.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: (901) 602-6210