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Address: PO Box 423
Brea, CA
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California Herban Life,, is an online homeopathic shop that provides holistic, organic products for those who wish to live chemically free. Here you can shop foods, beauty aids, essential oils, and home goods that are classified organic based on their chemical content through 3-party testers. Visit to get a start on your first order to a healthy lifestyle chemically free.

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Business Phone Number: 714-341-3112
Chasing Wolf Creations
Address: 38120
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Kevin “Chasing Wolf” Hutchins is a self taught artist born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. During his formative years his artistic development began with drawing comic book heroes, album covers and the occasional Elvis Presley rendering for his mother. As an adult, he felt compelled to explore spiritually and find answers to questions that were prompted by a childhood experience. This eventually led to a move to Arizona in 1996. There he began studying Native American spirituality with a Native teacher, participating in sweat lodges, humblecias (vision quests) and other ceremonies. As his experience with life deepened he made a commitment to express his life’s journey through painting.
In 2012, after two decades of pursuing and painting expressions of his spiritual quest, he returned to Memphis to focus on a career as an artist. Within the first few months his art was being displayed locally. He then accepted a challenging commission from a main collector of his work to do an 86’x16’ mural on an outside brick wall near downtown Memphis. The massive undertaking took over six months to complete.

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Business Phone Number: (901) 413-6211
Love and Light Vibrations
Address: 4564 Warden Rd. 2nd Floor
Memphis, TN
Short Business Description: Spiritual practice offering Reiki sessions, handcrafted essential oils, and custom made chakra jewelry.
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Love and Light Vibrations is a spiritual practice offering Reiki sessions, handcrafted essential oils, and custom made chakra jewelry.  The practice is made up of Reiki Masters, Charlie Spencer and Tonya Bloom.

Business Phone Number: (901) 481-7376
Lucky Leaf Hemp Farms
Address: Online Shop, products available at WhatEver Shops Memphis.
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Lucky Leaf Hemp Farm is a CBD products company in Memphis, Tennessee. Lucky Leaf Hemp Farms is a member of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program as of 2017.  As a member of this program Lucky Leaf Hemp Farms can produce CBD through hemp seed for personal use.  CBD products are becoming a popular product to resolve emotional and physical disorders naturally.  CBD does not include THC in its product thus making it legal in all 50 states.  Lucky Leaf Hemp Farm products are produced from hemp seed grown in Tennessee by Tennesseans.

Business Website Address: Visit online shop
Business Phone Number: 901-562-1204
Stones of Service
Address: 38651
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Stones of Service was founded in the summer of 2017 by a local school teacher looking for an outlet. She wanted to find a way to channel her creativity, her love of stones, her faith and a desire to give back to the community. After many months of encouragement from friends and family Stones of Service was born.

Each piece is lovingly and meticulously made by hand. Each item is created with a specific purpose in mind during its creation. The stones are hand selected for each piece based on their natural properties to assist and amplify the intention of each item. After the pieces have been made, they are prayed over so that they can be charged with the intention that they were created for. We have pieces that range from things such as prosperity and courage to a more personal focus such a fertility. We also offer custom pieces to help with health issues or personal desires.
In the beginning Stones of Service was making pendants of various shapes and sizes. Now it has grown to meet the desires and needs of both men and women as well as both adults and children by creating bracelets, keychains, rings, earrings, and pocket pieces.
We absolutely love hearing the stories of our customers! Feel free to share your stories with us on our Facebook page and let us know how your personal piece has helped you.

Business Website Address: Check out our store
Business Phone Number: 662-000-0000
WhatEver Logo
Address: 575 S Highland
Memphis, TN
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Since 1971, Whatever Shops has been dedicated to providing the best service and selection of gifts and other unique items in the Mid-South. Our employees are friendly and knowledgeable, and our products are of the highest quality. Whatever also offers a huge selection CBD, Incense, Kratom, clothing, jewelry, room decor and so much more!


Highland Strip – 575 S Highland

Midtown – 2027 Madison Ave., and

Cordova – 981 N Germantown Pkwy

Stop by one of our stores and check us out!

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Business Phone Number: (901) 452-4731