Chasing Wolf Creations

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Chasing Wolf Creations

Kevin “Chasing Wolf” Hutchins is a self taught artist born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. During his formative years his artistic development began with drawing comic book heroes, album covers, other people’s homework and the occasional Elvis Presley rendering for his mother. As an adult, he felt compelled to explore spiritually and find answers to questions that were prompted by a childhood experience. This eventually led to a move to Arizona in 1996 where he began studying Native American ways with a Native teacher, participating in sweat lodges, humblecias (vision quests) and other ceremonies. As his experience with life deepened, he made a commitment to express his life’s journey through painting.

In 2012, after two decades of pursuing and painting expressions of his spiritual quest, he returned to Memphis and focused on a career as an artist. Within the first few months his art was being displayed locally and he had accepted a commission for a challenging 86’x16’ mural on an outside brick wall near downtown Memphis. In the middle of painting the mural, Kevin welcomed an unexpected opportunity to become a co-owner of the store where his paintings were showing.

His unique creations are composed of acrylics, color pencils, molding paste and the occasional canvas stacking for added dimension. He utilizes water, layering, vivid color, lighting effects and subtle imagery to express a sense of mystery and wonder. Kevin often depicts totemic images underlying the main subjects of his art. “I like to tell a story through my art and show that there is more to life and ourselves than meets the eye. My desire as an artist is to inspire the onlooker to meditate and contemplate the meaning of the piece and delve to greater depths within themselves.”
Kevin’s art has shown throughout Georgia, Arizona, Colorado and Memphis. His work has been collected throughout the U.S. and in other parts of the world including Australia, the U.K. and France. He has received many commissions over the years bringing peoples’ dreams and visions to life.

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