Sky River Readings

Sky River Readings
Sky River Readings

Charlotte Neville is a Reiki master “energy worker” life long medium. Charlotte had first heard from her guardian angel at 5 years old.  She was lucky and believe she saved my life that day. 

Charlotte says, “We are all born psychic to different degrees. I also believe a religious experience is a paranormal experience too.” Unfortunately sometimes negative energies or entities come through too. In 2012 she received a bite mark on the back of my right shoulder from an entity. She remembers feeling a burning sensation. But it was my husband who saw it first. This entity had resided with us for over ten years wreaking havoc showing herself to me and my now grown daughter. 

Reiki is a form of energy healing. Fortunately, I was able to obtain my Reiki Masters from Pu Lin Temple with a wonderful teacher Jen Ledbetter. I now have my own Reiki room in my house that serves as high vibration even for lost spirits to cross over to heaven. Out of necessity she have learned to cross over energies and entities to their highest good.  She also incorporates Reiki life force energy into her clearings and blessings smudging ceremony. Being a medium I have done several house clearings of negative energy and/or entities.
Cordova, Tenn.

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