Behind Episode 307

Social wellness is about making contributions to help others, your community or the world around you. Giving your time and effort on behalf of others could help improve your own health and well-being.

Behind Episode 306

Environmental wellness is awareness of the unstable state of the earth and the effects of your daily habits on the physical environment. It consists of maintaining a way of life that maximizes harmony with the earth and minimizes harm to the environment. It includes incorporating nature in your life to feel a sense of peace […]

Behind Episode 304

Intellectual Wellness or Thinking wellness encourages participating in mentally stimulating and creative activities.  Improving intellectual wellness can happen in and out of the classroom.  It is the ability to think critically, reason objectively, make responsible decisions, and explore new ideas and different points of view.  It also emphasizes lifelong learning and inspires curiosity. Intellectual Wellness […]

Behind Episode 302

Physical wellness is about doing what you can to help strengthen and care for your body. The physical dimension of wellness involves encouraging regular activities that produce endurance, flexibility and strength along with encouraging knowledge about food and nutrition As you commit to a better physical wellness you may find that the path is narrow […]

Behind Episode 305

Spiritual wellness involves our set of beliefs, principles, and values that help give direction to our lives. It is seeking meaning and purpose in our every day lives, which ultimately encourages wellness. Topics may include compassion, morals, values, spirituality, meditation, beliefs, gratitude, self-understanding, and being at peace with nature. Why it is important? A spiritually […]

Behind Episode 303

Emotional wellness is the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficult times. How you feel can affect your ability to carry out everyday activities, your relationships, and your overall mental health. How you react to your experiences and feelings can change over time. Why it is important Fear, anger, stress, […]

Behind Episode 301

Wellness is defined as the condition of good physical, mental and emotional health, especially when maintained by an appropriate diet, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications. But more importantly, Wellness is a multi-dimensional state of being describing the existence of positive health in an individual as exemplified by quality of life and a sense of well-being. […]

Behind Episode 203: Spiritual Ascension/Awakenings


Behind Episode 203: Spiritual Ascension/Awakenings How to reverse the effects of a Spiritual Ascension There are a few ascension symptoms that may cause a serious challenge. You may experience discomfort, psychological struggles, and emotional turmoil. As you move through this path of spiritual growth, you may need some relief from the overwhelming symptoms that this […]

Behind Episode 202: Living in Gratitude

Behind Episode 202: Living in Gratitude According to Merrium Webster, Gratitude is defined the quality of being thankful or the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. And when you remember, Gratitude, which rhymes with “attitude,” comes from the Latin word gratus, which means “thankful, pleasing.” When you feel gratitude, you’re pleased by […]

Behind Episode 110: Lunar Healing

The phases of the moon and spiritual healing dates back thousands of years. This is how you can benefit from these ancient practices to spiritually heal your mind, body, and soul.

Behind Episode 108: The Archangels

We all have connections to guides, angels, and loved ones on the other side. Regardless of who or what you are connecting, its important to know the difference between a coincidence and a connection.

Behind Episode 107: Universal Laws

Behind Episode 107: Universal Laws The 12 Universal Laws are thought to be intrinsic unchanging laws of our universe in ancient cultures have always intuitively known.  These laws are often associated with Ho’oponopono a meditation freedom originating in the Hawaiian culture. Most say there are 12 Universal Laws or Principals but Hermeticism, a branch of […]

Behind Episode 106: The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of this unseen baggage. Dr. Nelson’s method gives you the tools to identify and release the trapped emotions in your life, eliminating your “emotional baggage,” and opening your heart and body to the positive energies of the world.

Behind Episode 105: EFT Tapping

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It’s also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure.

People who use this technique believe tapping the body can create a balance in your energy system and treat pain. According to its developer, Gary Craig, a disruption in energy is the cause of all negative emotions and pain.

Behind Episode 103: The Healing Matrix

Behind Episode 103: The Healing Matrix Toni is the founder of the Healing Matrix Awakening and Energy Center. Her eclectic path has led her to provide the first truly personalized empowered integration of science, metaphysics, psychology, spirituality, bio-energetic hacking, and beyond, that can improve conditions of the mind, body, and spirit. She teaches that it’s […]

Behind Episode 102: Symbology

In different cultures and for different people, these symbols carry reminders of divine connection and purpose. While some images depict natural phenomena with seemingly divine qualities, other metaphysical symbols evade earthly forms to give important clues of the spirit world.

Behind Episode 101: Tribal Mounds of the US

Behind Episode 101: Tribal Mounds of the US One of the major areas of study for me in this journey I have been on for many years started with my desire to know more about the Native American cultures that still survive today.  Regardless of what we, the white man, refer to these tribes is […]