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Fall Equinox 2022 – Your Zodiac Forecast

Fall Equinox 2022 is a turning point. It is a chance to tie up any loose ends before the year ends as well as prepare and embrace moving into a new chapter. Events like these have their effects on our astrological alignments. 

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Fall Equinox Ritual

FALL EQUINOX RITUAL Allow some you time on the night of this important cosmic event. Get cozy, play soothing music and perhaps prepare a calming

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Spring Equinox

At this moment, the direct rays of the Sun are shining down on the equator producing the effect of equal day and night (give or take a few minutes, see below). After the vernal equinox, the direct rays of the Sun migrate north of the Equator (with hours of daylight steadily growing longer) until they finally arrive at the Tropic of the Cancer (latitude 23.5 degrees north).

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Lunar New Year 2022

The Chinese New Year, as opposed to other Lunar New Year celebrations, incorporates a lot of Chinese cultural and religious elements. There are plenty of unique components to Chinese New Year (and Chinese lunar calendar in general) which differentiates it from other new year celebrations.

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Fall Equinox

Fall Equinox “This is a time to connect with your moon sign and characteristics, and to honor the cyclical nature of your personal growth.” —astrologer

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