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The Circle of Qi Podcast Season 1 and 2 were great successes and I am coming back with Season 3 on August 12.  Click Subscribe Now to be the first to know when Season 3 drops.  Season 3 will focus on the 7 Dimensions to Total Wellness.  Don’t miss the next chapter!

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Circle of Qi Podcast
Circle of Qi Podcast
Episode 301: Dimensions to Total Wellness

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The Circle of Qi Podcast is a weekly one-hour podcast focused on the self-healing journey that will inspire others to find their way.  Host Victoria Smith, presents to listeners with her journey and how what she did that can help you too.  Each week she will bring you different areas of information about the modalities, techniques, and teachers who have guided her along the way.  The Circle of Qi Podcast Season (Chapter) 2 begins January 28, 2022 on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Please subscribe to our channels so you know when the latest episode drops.  I encourage you to send me your feedback of the podcast always, please do so by dropping me a message on any network.

Until then, Godspeed, blessings in love, happiness, and joy.

Meet the Host

Victoria Smith

Victoria is the creator of a seasoned digital marketer with a background in communications in journalism.  In 2017 she started VSmith Media, LLC a digital marketing company, and later in 2018 started  She loves to share her experiences with others as a means to grow and help others find ways to heal their spiritual self.

Her work in developing a community for like-minded people led to learning the modalities that are self-help versus partner-led healing.  This opened her up to intuition, emotion code, EFT tapping, and the powers of stones, crystals, and essential oils.  But it began with her mother and her trips to Native American tribes most of her life and opening her mind to Mother Earth and Fire Sky bound ways.

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Season 3 Premiers August 12, 2022

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We are in need of healing and healing begins within. 

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