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5 Ways to Connect to Mother Earth:

  1. Awareness

The first step in reconnecting with our Earth Mother is being aware of her presence. It is believed in many earth-based belief systems that everything has its version of consciousness. If you knew that the earth had a consciousness of her own, would you throw trash in her oceans and streams? Would you fill the landfills with items easily recycled or reused? Being aware is the first step in reconnecting with the natural world that sustains you.

  1. Gratitude

Make it a habit to thank Mother Earth daily for her gifts. Thank the air for the gift of breath, the earth for providing me with food and sustenance, the sun for giving me warmth and a sense of well-being. Thank the plants and animals which we consume to provide us with nutrients to sustain our life. Even thank the stones, crystals, and feathers which we use in my spiritual practices. Everything we see and touch in our lives is in some way a descendant of some ingredient found in our Earth Mother. Every day, make it a habit to thank all the aspects of your life for the gifts they provide.

  1. Gifts

Shamanic mentors teach to never take anything from Mother Earth without giving a gift in return. This means if you are out in the woods and find a feather or a pretty stone, first of all, ask its permission before taking it home with me, and then offer a gift in return. What kind of gifts, you say? Native Americans often offer tobacco or cornmeal as a gift to the Earth, but what if you didn’t bring any of that along with you? If you don’t happen to have anything with you to offer, offer a piece of your hair or, as a Reiki Master, you can send Reiki energy to the Earth for whatever she needs it for. By offering hair or spit or whatever you have, you are gifting the earth with a piece of your essence. Everything that is a part of you contains your specific energy and vibration. Mother Earth uses everything as fertilizer for what will eventually grow or be birthed out of her womb. Be sure to infuse your gift with love and gratitude.

If you are home, you can always give gifts to the Earth and its creatures. I like to gift the ant kingdom with honey or fruit before requesting that they stay outside my house. If I am requesting good weather for a trip, I often will gift the Earth with an apple, cutting it four times and thanking the four directions for hearing my request. If a friend of yours or family member was always asking for things and never offering gratitude or reciprocating in any way, would you continue to give to them without question?

  1. Service

One thing we can all do is to do our part to keep our Mother Earth clean and healthy. Give to charities that are cleaning up the oceans or take part in one of those adopt-a-highway event. Recycle. Reuse. If you are taking a walk, take a bag with you and pick up someone else’s trash. Buy a reusable straw for those times you are buying drinks out and about.

  1. Connection

The last suggestion but maybe the most important for your sense of well-being. Go outside. Breathe the air. Feel the rain on your face. Take off your shoes and let your bare feet touch the dirt. Feel the energy of your Earth Mother and reconnect.

Mother Earth has given you many gifts. Today, find a way to give back.

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