Fall Equinox 2022 – Your Zodiac Forecast

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Fall Equinox 2022 is a turning point. It is a chance to tie up any loose ends before the year ends as well as prepare and embrace moving into a new chapter. Events like these have their effects on our astrological alignments. 

Here is what the Fall Equinox is bringing to light for each star sign. Check your astrology birth chart for your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign to get the most accurate reading.


Hey there Aries! You’ve made it to the liminal turning point. The shift of season is drawing out your shadow side when it comes to relationships. Balance is needed. Have a look to see which relationships are emotionally triggering you the most. These are big prompts to let go, release, and integrate the dynamics of said relationships. Often our most challenging relationships are our biggest teachers. Reflect upon this and look at what you’ve learned over the past year. In your ritual focus on releasing anything that is relationship related. 



Lovely Gemini, Happy Fall Equinox 2022. This cusp is inviting you to reflect on the past year around all things home and family. Are there any bridges to mend or old wounds to heal? Home and family are our foundations and really set us up for how we move forward in our adult lives. This liminal threshold date encourages you to dive deep into your shadow and release any family-related issues in order to move forward with love and harmony. Use the ritual below to activate this harmony into your life. 


Lovely Cancer, It’s all about relationships for you during Fall Equinox 2022. There is a big focus on the relationships that are having communication challenges. Think: emotional manipulation, passive aggression, and gaslighting. It’s time to dive deep into your shadow to see why you keep attracting these toxic dynamics within relationships. Use the ritual below to set yourself free and to begin to attract healthy and harmonious relationships. 


Fun loving Leo. Happy Fall Equinox. This liminal threshold date highlights the financial area in your life. How are you with your money and finances? What sort of relationship do you have with money? It’s time to explore the dark side of your shadow when it comes to your relationship with cold hard cash. Use the ritual below to help shed bad habits around money and to move into a new and balanced financial chapter. 


The Fall Equinox can be an empowering one for you Virgo! This past year, many things that are no longer aligning with you are falling away. And that’s a good thing! This turning point is inviting you to step into your power. Dive deep into your shadow and let go of your self limiting beliefs. You’ve got this! You are on your way to stepping into your purpose. Use the ritual below to shed those last dregs of unalignment before you step into your new chapter of empowerment. 


You are so in your element Libra! Fall Equinox is one of your power days. Vibe with the magic. This turning point event is encouraging you to dive into your shadow sector that holds all of your fears and phobias. Now is the time to transcend them. Whether it is a fear of spiders or a recurring nightmare, you are being invited not only to integrate them once and for all, but understand their origins and why they are there in the first place. Use the ritual below to lean into releasing fear and phobias. 

Oh hello Scorpio, this powerful turning point day is trying to balance you out! Specifically, it is literally poking you in the ribs and trying to get your attention around bringing more balance into your life/work relationship. All of you workaholic Scorpios will feel this. It’s time to dive into your shadow around all things work and ask yourself the question – why do I work so much? Your shadow has the answer. Use the ritual below to connect to this question, receive the answer and let go of that which no longer serves you. Balance of life and work is yours. 


Creative Sagittarius, there is a focus on this turning point of everything surrounding your career. Reflect on the past year and ask yourself questions about where you are at in your professional life. Are you in the career of your dreams? Is your current career aligning with you? Dive deep into your shadow realm to see what is holding you back from a happy professional life. Use the Fall Equinox 2022 ritual to set yourself free and activate a harmonious and purposeful career


Hello Capricorn, Fall Equinox 2022 is all about matters of the soul for you. Reflect on the past year and where you may have lost touch with your inner worlds or spiritual side. This turning point encourages you to move back into the light and to reconnect with a deeper sense of soul purpose and your place in the universe. Use the ritual below to let go of any blocks that keep you from spiritual connections and activate harmonious balance within your inner and outer worlds. 


It’s a turning point for you Aquarius, especially concerning relationships. Fall Equinox 2022 is inviting you to bring harmony and balance into your realm of intimacy within relationships. Reflect upon the last year and where you’ve cut yourself off from deeply and intimately connecting with another person. Dive deep into your shadow to see where there is fear or wounding. Use the ritual below to help shed old patterns, wounds, and fears and bring more equilibrium into your intimate relationships. 


Hello Pisces! It’s all about finding balance with self love during Fall Equinox 2022. Reflect upon the last year on areas in your life where you didn’t show up for yourself. This turning point date is encouraging you to dive deep into the shadow area of your life of self loathing. It’s time to let that wither on the vine! Use the ritual below to let go of patterns of emotional self neglect and fortify your commitment to self love bringing harmonious balance not only for your relationship with yourself, but also with others. 

Article written by Tree Carr, Dream guide, death doula, and divinatory guide

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