Happy New Year, New Decade, and New You

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Welcome to CircleofQi.com!  Since 2019 I have been boucning around the options for the growth and success of CircleofQi.com and its like 2019 got the best of those options.  We had a successful Four Points Expo in September 2019 which I had intended to start in 2020 and I have gotten excellent feedback from friends, partners and family for the community as a whole.  Last year had its highs and its lows, but I knew in my heart and soul that 2020 would be the time to get things right.

What do I plan to bring you in 2020 that has been manifesting for quite some time now?  First let me tell you how I got here.

Since 2011 when my father passed away I have experienced many energetic and spiritual manifestations that only few people understand.  Those who I have shared these stories with ask me, “How do you know you were experiencing connection to your dad?” Well the answer is simple.

Intuition (my gut) told me it was him.  Signs and symbols told me it was him.

These gut feelings, signs and symbols led me to investigate what exactly I was experiencing.  I told my mother about these incidences and we explored many things together.  She introduced me to John Edward, a world renowned Celebrity Physic, which provided lots of insights to several things.

It was here that I began doing more research and studies surrounding Metaphysics, Intuitive, Shamanism and Signs and Symbols.

In June 2013, I lost my mother to her battle with Cancer and my entire life changed.  I went into a deep depression for about 6 months.  This depression apparently was sparked by her death and many health issues that I would later find out that my body is suffering from Sjogrens Syndrome with early onset Lupus.  It began in late 2012 when I experienced a life altering vision issue that led to me seeing many doctors and what would become a year of proding and probing to get to that result.  Specialists, CT Scans, and Medication galor.  I would have a six-month regiment of steroid treatments that would make me gain more weight to my already obese self.  But that would change later after things get stabilized.

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2013 and Beyond

After my mom's death in June I, like I said before, went into a deep depression.  This depression made me question my existence, my future, my purpose.  A friend of mine asked me, sometime in August, to go to a local psychic.  I did and got a reading.  From that point forward I forged a bond with that psychic and learned more about my spiritual self, my purpose and what my future held.

After three years of learning, researching and exploring other areas of metaphysics I expanded my bonds within the metaphysical community just to learn I had so much more to give to others from my own experiences.

In July 2016 I finally reached the day where my life would get an extension and rejuvenation.  In my exploration I kept seeing images of a new physical me.  July 10, 2016 I underwent Gastric Bypass surgery to relieve my body of the exess weight I had holding me down and blocking myself from being my best me.  In six months I lost over 100 pounds and I felt like a new me.  I then saw more through my third eye, my full chakra system was finally opening and my fears were wasting away.  It was about October 2016 that I decided to leave corporate America, join forces with the local psychic as her marketing consultant and begin my new journey.

This relationship lasted a year before I opened VSmith Media, LLC.  Then in January 2019 was when Circle of Qi took shape.  Alongside launch I was gifted the message, by my guides, to create the Four Points Expo as well.

I want you to learn the things I have learned and to seek all that you are through the energy, connections and ascensions from this community.

Please take time to explore the all new CircleofQi.com and explore the partners within the community to gain more from them as well.

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