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Manifest with 11/11 Portal

Why is November 11 such a magical day on our calendar?

11 is considered a master number and it holds extraordinary powers and when the number appears twice on our calendars the energy of the master number fuels manifestations.  In numerology, 1 is represented by the magician, known to use his spiritual and physical tools to manifest something from which there is absolutely nothing and so with 11, the magician’s manifestation powers are doubled and dreams are quickly turned into reality.

If you see 11 all around you, it’s a sign from the Universe that you are following your divine purpose. November 11 is a great day to bring up your biggest dreams that you want to achieve.

How do you manifest the energies of 11/11?

Hermetic Principles and the Law of Attraction teach us that manifestation begins with our thoughts.  Even when its not 11/11, its that’s that shape our reality. Don’t let negative thoughts consume you.  And set your intentions for the best results.

Before you think about manifestation, think about why you want to manifest a particular idea. You can sit down to meditate to think about it. Look inside and find out the reasons for your desires. If you have that clarity, it help the manifestation process. When you are clear about your desires you will have full support of your angel guides, you will be ready to come forward.  Ask yourself a series of questions about how you see yourself in the future.

  1. Who or what surrounds you?
  2. How will you feel when your deepest desires manifest?


Be grateful for the many gifts the Universe sends you and honor your guides. November 11th is a great day to connect with the energies in place, but that doesn’t mean you’re just asking for more for yourself. Show respect and gratitude, and the Universe will take care of you!

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