Circle of Qi is an online community for like-minded people seeking information, inspiration and support in holistic and spiritual life.  Content includes all things metaphysical, spiritual, holistic, and supportive. 

Becoming a member gives you benefits that guests don’t get to experience.  At Circle of Qi, I am about community and getting people involved with self-healing, self-awareness, and self-care so I want you to bring your insights and knowledge into the discussion as well.

I offer 3 levels of membership at Circle of Qi.  Free, Individual Paid, and Business Annual.  Each level has benefits over the next and regardless of what level you join the community your voice is heard and welcomed.

Please review the different levels below and select Join Now to subscribe and make a payment if necessary.

If you are looking to only claim or list your holistic, integrated, and alternative healing practice or services then the Listing Claim one-time lifetime fee is for you. A store front is not required, a website or social page for people to connect is required.

The most important part of Circle of Qi to me is the valuable sources of information about holistic, integrated, and alternative healing.  I have pulled together a lot of information to get you started on your self-improvement journey, and encourage you engage, and support others like you and me.


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  • Member only pages
  • Weekly Motivations Emails


$ 19.95 one-time fee forever
  • Member only pages
  • Weekly Motivations Emails
  • Free Qi Journal
  • Circle of Qi Podcast Shoutouts
  • Member Only Partner Discounts
  • 10% off Every Day in Qi Store

Listing Claim/Publish

$ 29.95 one-time fee forever
  • Qi Business Listing
  • Qi Featured Status 30 days
  • Qi Social Announcement Ad*
  • Free Qi Directory Gift*
  • Affiliate Link / Commissions
  • Weekly Motivations Emails
  • Member Only Pages

Business Advertising

Annual Package
$ 49.95 Per Year
  • Claim Listing Forever
  • Qi Featured Listing Status Year
  • Qi Social Announcement*
  • Qi Newsletter Business Ad*
  • Qi Social Advertisements*
  • Circle of Qi Podcast :60 sec ad*
  • Free Qi Partner Basket*
  • Affiliate Link / Commissions
  • Weekly Motivations Emails
  • Member only pages
  • 10% off Every Day in Qi Store


Commonly asked questions answered to serve you better.

We proudly accept all online payment forms, except Crypto.

Great question! First you must create a Free account, then you will be able to claim or add your service/practice listing to your account.

As a paid annual member, you will earn $2 for every paid referral to Circle of Qi at any level.  Renewals will earn $1 for each year for the referring member.

Awesome question!  I am currently putting a Qi Rewards program to reward the tribe for being active and sharing content and opportunities.  I will also include gifts for birthdays and membership join anniversaries.  More to come on this!

Image Ads (Social announcements, social ads, newsletter banners) are published 2 weeks after purchase of business package.  Recorded Ads will appear 3 weeks after purchase on Circle of Qi Podcast and YouTube.  

Qi Exploration

Providing Opportunity

Hosted by Circle Of Qi creator, Victoria Smith the Circle of Qi Podcast is a half hour long show that introduces opportunities to listeners in self-care, self-healing, and self-love.  Every episode includes 5 minutes of promotional spots for featured business to reach more people in the tribe.

When you purchase a business advertising annual package, you are on the first step to reaching the Circle of Qi Podcast listeners.

Affiliate Ads Protection Status