New Moon in Capricorn

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You might have a strong need for being useful to the society and you look for justification in the outside world. You may underestimate what you want from yourself and for yourself. Shyness may be accompanied by resentment of the fact that others ignore you. Do not seek approval from the outside, it will not help you get rid of your doubt and it is harmful to you. You have to trust your inner values.

New Moon Meaning

Like the moon, we go through our own cycles and phases. Sometimes, we feel vibrant and energized, shining our light fully. Other times, we need to go inward and get in touch with our innermost selves for a little while. The new moon offers an opportunity for just this: a chance to go within, refresh, let go, and start anew.

You might think of the new moon as a cosmic reset. During this time, you can check in with yourself. Are you aligned with your purpose? Are you holding onto anything you need to let go of? Are there any new habits or rituals you can start incorporating into your daily routine to support your mind, body, and soul? What is your heart telling you about your path?

The new moon offers a beautiful opportunity for any and all of these practices:

  • Setting intentions for who you want to be, what you want to manifest, and how you want to show up in your daily life
  • Connecting to your deepest dreams and desires
  • Releasing what no longer serves you to make space for new beginnings
  • Cleansing old and stagnant energy
  • Embracing your ability to co-create with the Universe
  • Honoring the light and love that flows to and through you in all moments

Rituals Under a New Moon

Take A Detox Bath

A detox bath allows you to detox your total self: mind, body, and soul. This bath is meant for spiritual and energetic cleansing. During this time, put away your phone or any other distractions. Focus solely on your own inner tranquility. Sink into relaxation and self-care. By embracing your inner peace, you release stagnant energy within and make space for new energy to come forth. Below, I’ve listed some items you might use in this bath ritual:

  • Essential oils, especially ones that promote relaxation, such as lavender, bergamot, and clary sage
  • Epsom salt
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Candles
  • Dried flower petals
  • Crystals

Cleanse Your Space

Because a new moon represents new beginnings, this is an ideal time to cleanse your space – both physically and energetically. Take some time to physically declutter the spaces you spend the most time in. As you go through your items, ask yourself, “Does this represent the person I used to be or the person I want to become?” Get rid of anything that doesn’t align with the person you’re becoming. Once again, this practice allows you to release the old and make space for the new.

You can also cleanse the energy of the spaces you spend the most time in by burning incense or palo santo in the room. If possible, open the window so any old, stagnant energy in the room can be released.

Do A Candle Manifestation Ritual

Candles can be a profound addition to your new moon ritual, as they promote inner peace, help you to release negative energy, and open you up to receiving. It’s best to do this ritual with a new candle (or one that is specifically used only for this purpose). Once you light your candle, start visualizing your dreams and desires coming true. What does your life look like when you have everything you desire? How do you feel? See and feel everything as if it’s happening in this very moment. Then, speak your intention aloud to the Universe. Once you’re done, express sincere gratitude and let go, trusting that everything is working out for your highest good.

To learn more about how to use candles for manifestation, plus the meanings of different candle colors, you can check out my complete guide here.

Meditate Under The Night Sky

This one is exactly as it sounds: connect with the energy of the new moon by going outside to meditate. You might do a visualization meditation, such as planting your three seeds of intention. You could also do a walking meditation by taking a nice, moonlight stroll. Your meditation can also be rooted in affirmations for releasing what no longer serves you and embracing new beginnings.

Your meditation should center around whatever your soul needs most in the moment. If you need to release something that’s been weighing you down, visualize yourself letting go of these feelings, experiences, people, or things. If you want to manifest your desires, let your meditation be about visualizing your dreams and setting intentions. And if you’re not sure what you need, enter your meditation with the intention of clearing your mind and seeing what comes to you. You might ask the Universe for gentle guidance before you start.

Journal Your Innermost Feelings

The new moon offers the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your highest self, and one of the most profound ways to do this is through journaling. Allow yourself time and space where you won’t be interrupted. Create a space where you feel safe and at peace, whether that’s in your sacred space or outside under the stars. Consider what energies you want to release and what you want to embrace more of over the next month.

Here are a few sentences you can include in your new moon journal entry:

  • “I am releasing . . .”
  • “I am setting the intention to . . .”
  • “I am manifesting . . .”
  • You can also ask yourself: “What does my soul need?”

Communicate With Your Guides

This can be especially helpful for you if you’re not quite sure what intentions you want to set for this lunar cycle. Communicate with your highest self, your guides, or with the Universe itself. (This can be done through meditation or journaling.) Ask for clear, gentle, loving guidance. What should you let go of? What should you embrace more of? Where should you focus your energy? See what answers arise, but have patience if the answers don’t come right away. Your highest self may know the path, or you may need to step back and allow the Universe to communicate messages through signs and synchronicities. Over the next few days, keep an open heart and an open mind to whatever messages come through.

Express Gratitude

Gratitude can be incorporated into all of the practices on this list, and it can also be the center of its own special ritual. Expressing gratitude is a beautiful way to honor the abundance of all that you have in your life. You can also express appreciation for all that’s on its way to you right now: your dreams, desires, and manifestations. In your sacred space, write down a list of all that you’re grateful for in your life. You can also write down why you’re grateful for each of these things.

It can also be a profound practice to express gratitude for anything you’re releasing. Maybe these thoughts, beliefs, things, or experiences don’t serve who you are today, but they helped you to grow. Maybe the presence of what you don’t want has taught you what you do want. Even your fears can be teachers. Fears often exist as a way to protect yourself. You can thank your fears for protecting you and let them know you no longer require their service.

When you can step back and view your life through the lens of appreciation, you invite more beautiful people, experiences, opportunities, and feelings to enter your world.

Let Go

Let go has a couple different meanings here, and depending on where you are on your path, you may need one or both to help you move forward.

First, the new moon offers you the chance to let go of anything that no longer serves and supports your mind, body, and spirit. Let go of limiting beliefs that are weighing you down. Let go of fears that are keeping you small. Let go of the stories you’re telling yourself about why something can’t be done. And, if necessary, let go of anything in your physical life that’s no longer meant to be a part of the chapter you’re in right now: people, things, and experiences.

Letting go also means turning over your intentions and desires to the Universe. If you’ve spoken your innermost dreams to the Universe, allow yourself to let go of control and trust that you are being taken care of and supported in all moments. Trust that the Universe is working behind the scenes to make sure everything works out better than you can imagine. Trust it all to unfold beautifully.

Don’t focus on the absence of your desires in this moment; focus on the abundance of all that you have and all that’s on its way to you.

Because when you focus on your abundance, your abundance grows.

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