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Past Life Regression


Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives. It is thought that, by exploring these past lives, a hypnotherapist can help you to uncover personal stories that help to explain who you are now. The hope is that you may discover a root cause of an issue from a previous life, which is affecting you in your current life.

According to the American Psychological Association, Past Life Regression Therapy is a highly controversial hypnotic regression technique in which a person is encouraged to move back in time to reexperience a supposed previous existence. Therapists who conduct past-life regression believe that the psychological and physical problems (e.g., phobias, insomnia) individuals currently have can be understood and resolved by discovering their origins in the experiences (e.g., traumas, unresolved conflicts, mistakes) of previous lives. Most hypnotherapists are skeptical of the practice and do not recognize it as a legitimate therapeutic tool. They claim that individuals’ memories of past lives are the product of fantasy, imaginative role playing, the expectations and suggestions implicitly conveyed to them by the hypnotist, or unconsciously produced confabulations constructed from personal knowledge, familiar places, events, television shows, novels, and other sources. Although the idea of reincarnation is accepted in numerous cultures, clinicians generally consider actual past-life enactments to be manifestations of psychopathology. 

Past life regression is a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing a person’s past lives or incarnations. Based on the theory that your reactions and the way you respond to problems are based in the past, past life regression is a holistic therapy that works with a person as a whole – not only the body and mind, but your emotions and spirit too.

While conventional psychotherapy or ‘talk therapies’ can be very helpful for some people, they typically focus on the present life. But in some cases, particularly if you are dealing with an issue that seems not to have a direct cause, you may be unable to uncover the ‘source’ of the problem. In contrast, regression hypnotherapy allows the client to unlock emotions and experiences stored deep within their memory.

12 Things You Should Know About a Past Life Regression – Healing Soul Hypnosis

Have you experienced something that seemed like a strange dream yet felt so real? Something from your past, perhaps? I am not talking about your current life; I’m talking about the feeling of experiences in earlier lives you have had before this one.

Past life regression therapy may be something to explore if you are curious to know more about how you have lived in other lives before. It can help you better understand yourself, your habits, and your desires, possibly conquer phobias and nightmares, process grief and create forgiveness, and resolve some of your life’s mysteries.

If you are wondering how it feels, think of it this way: you may feel as if you are walking through a portal to other worlds in which you have lived before. Or maybe you will feel like you’re riding on a dimensional roller coaster, allowing you to see your life from another perspective. 

Here are some other things you may want to know about past life regression. 

What techniques are used?

There is a common misconception that practitioners ‘perform’ hypnotherapy on a client – but this is far from true. Past life regression, as well as other types of hypnotherapy, is an active therapy, whereby the client fully participates in the process.

It is often claimed to be a full sensory experience – clients will not only visualise situations, but they may be able to hear sounds as if they were in the room, as well as recalling specific smells.

What is this type of hypnotherapy used for?

Some people hope to try past life regression simply out of curiosity, to see who they were in the past. But for most, it’s a path for personal growth and healing. To enable you to get the most out of your session, it is important to have a specific ‘intention’.

While you might wish to remain open to whatever you may experience in the regression, it is generally thought that having an intention offers a better context to understand and process the experience.

Focusing on this intention, a practitioner will be able to guide you to when you first encountered the root cause of a problem that you are currently experiencing. Such problems may include (but are not limited to):

  • relationship issues (including inexplicable attraction/aversion to someone)
  • vivid dreams or recurring nightmares
  • chronic illnesses
  • fears or phobias that have no apparent cause e.g. fear of death
  • addictions
  • déjà vu experiences
  • feeling stuck in life

By examining the experiences that are thought to have first signaled the problem, practitioners can help connect their client’s current issues to a past life. It is hoped that by undergoing regression hypnotherapy, you will be able to make connections that you were unable to before – perhaps finally providing you with some explanation, or a sense of internal peace.

It would be understandable to expect that past life regression might focus on negative events and emotions, in order to explore the root cause of a problem. However, this is not necessarily the case. Practitioners will try to focus on the positive aspects of regression – rather than solely focusing on traumatic memories. In this way, it is possible for regression hypnotherapy to help you on a journey of personal growth.

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