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Circle of Qi is an online community for like-minded people seeking information, inspiration, and support in holistic and spiritual life.  Our content includes all things metaphysical, spiritual, holistic, and supportive.  Becoming a member gives you benefits that guests don’t get to experience.  At Circle of Qi we are about community and getting people involved with self-healing, self-awareness, and self-care so we want you to bring your insights and knowledge into the discussion as well.

We offer 4 levels of membership at Circle of Qi.  Free, Individual Paid month to month, Individual Paid Annual, and Business Annual.  Each level has benefits over the next and regardless of what level you join the community your voice is heard and welcomed.

With an Annual Membership you will receive:

• Member Only Discounts
• Member Only Forum (Facebook Group)
• Member Only Pages
• Member Only Partner Offers
• Qi Referral Rewards
• Qi Live Radio Access
• Weekly Qi Motivations


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$24.95 / 12 months

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