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Join Phase One launch of |  a life force community for those who seek answers on intuition, spirit, and healthier well-being.  As a business member who joins by October 26, 2019 will be granted 2 years for the price of one in our business directory.  Listings in our business directory serve to promote your service, product or non-profit that fits the criteria of our community.

Perks of becoming a Circle of Qi Business Member are:

  • Online Business Listing
  • Affiliate Rewards (link) to earn $1 for every person you refer to the community
  • Affiliate Rewards (link) to earn 10% of every ticket you sell for the Four Points Expo
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Feature Business Opportunities
  • Affiliate Discounts
  • 1 Annual Membership with full access to site
  • Weekly Motivation Cards starting September 1, 2019
  • “Get to know your Guides” Checklist releasing September 1, 2019
  • Monthly Freebies
  • Facebook Community Access
  • 25% off Four Points Expo Booth (standard 10’x10′)