Four Points Expo Advertiser Fee


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Four Points Expo | a holistic life event is presented by VSmith Media, LLC a marketing company dedicated to the marketing efforts for alternative medicine, metaphysical practitioners, and healers around the country.  VSmith Media vision for this event was to bring together like minded people who wish to education, inform and drive awareness for a healthier well-being.

The Advertiser fee is applicable for the vendor who does not purchase a booth, but would like to have their marketing materials available for guests to pick up at the event.  We will have 4 tables dedicated to advertisers materials for the two day event.

Advertisers can ship their materials to VSmith Media or bring the night of setup for our team to put out on display.  A quantity of 1,000 printed materials are requested since we are working toward a goal of 4,500 guests over the two days.

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