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Meet Stacey

Stacey is a graduate of Southern Massage Institute of TN,  since then she has had nearly 14 years continuing her education to help give her clients the best possible care on their healing journey. Her love of the body, quest for knowledge, and knowing that she can make a difference in how even one person feels makes massage therapy a very rewarding career choice. Stacey has been trained in a wide variety of modalities and techniques but specializes in Swedish, Sports Massage, TMJ Dysfunction, and has always been drawn to Trigger Point Therapy. Recognizing the mind/body connection has given her a deeper understanding that our bodies and our minds make up this complex and wonderful machine, not one massage  “fits all” and the healing process is different for everyone. She believes that making the client comfortable, having great communication, and setting goals will ensure that each clients needs are properly met. Applying her continued education, knowledge of the body along with her intuition, she aims to give each and every client a massage specifically tailored for them, leaving them feeling completely catered to. Stacey became fascinated with the connective tissue and how, when manipulated, can effectively treat pain. Working with many athletes prompted her to study Myofascial work. She is currently trained in 3 levels of Synergetic Myofascial Therapy and will be fully certified by the summer of 2019. Next, she plans to become certified in Ashiatsu. Constantly striving to learn something new she is excited to see how her massage future Evolves. Stacey is a lover of tiny things, puns, and baby goats in pajamas!

Meet Shelley

Shelley attended The Massage Institute of Memphis and she quickly found her passion for massage therapy and for helping people. Within a year of graduating, she has already taken 3 levels of Synergetic Myofascial Therapy and has plans to become fully certified by Summer of 2019. She also has goals to become certified in Thai Massage and Ashiatsu. Shelley is fascinated by the body and how we can “heal” through touch.

Shelley specializes in Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, and Prenatal Massage. Her passion for prenatal massage comes from her pregnancies and knowing how important it is to care for the body that is creating and sustaining life. Shelley enjoys working with athletes and is in the process of partnering with a local crossfit gym in Collierville to create and teach a strength and mobility class. One of Shelley’s main goals in a massage session is to combine relaxation with deeply therapeutic benefits. Massage doesn’t have to hurt or be unbearable to be beneficial. She believes that getting someone into a deep sense of relaxation helps to soften the tissues and therefore deeper work can be done without pain.

Shelley is an instructor at The Massage Institute of Memphis and currently teaches Business and Pathology.

She enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids. She is a lover of cat memes, laughing baby videos, and bad jokes.  


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