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Dr. Lynsey Rector, D.C., is the clinic director in Bartlett and says she learns something new every day, which is amazing. She’s constantly reminded why she does what she does. Along with her three awesome assistants, The Chiro Place provides quality health care to the community.
When you come into our practice, you’ll get a warm welcome. Relax, get comfortable, listen to some R&B, mingle with your fellow patients and enjoy your time in our space.

Personalizing Your Care

Primarily a diversified practitioner, Dr. Lynsey uses “a little bit of everything” in her care plans to address your unique needs. She does extremity adjusting, Grafton soft tissue work, active and passive rehabilitation techniques, and more. What works for one person might not work for another, so she’s diligent about having alternatives. With digital X-rays on premises, traction tables, vibration plates, electric stimulation, and more, we provide the services our patients need in one location. Dr. Lynsey also does cupping therapy as needed.


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