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We’re Committed to Wellness at The Chiro Place

If you haven’t experienced true wellness before, it’s time to see us at The Chiro Place. Our Greater Memphis chiropractors help patients heal naturally from all kinds of pain and health problems, like sleep or stomach issues. Our corrective and wellness care first relieves your current pain and health problems, then makes sure your health stays excellent. We have four clinics spread throughout Greater Memphis to make our services convenient for everyone. All our clinics offer the same great chiropractic care, friendly customer service, and energetic atmosphere to help you let loose and relax as we walk you towards better health.

Bringing Natural Health Care to Everyone

It’s not every day you come across a black female chiropractor—but at The Chiro Place, we have six of them. We’re happy to help anyone: any age, any gender, any health condition. Wellness is a lifestyle, so we teach our patients how to take charge of their own health so they can feel good all the time. The black community has less experience with the benefits of chiropractic care, and we’re here to change that. When we saw our patients’ excitement about discovering natural health care, we got excited too. Our vision is to bring quality chiropractic care to the black community and anyone ready for a better way to take care of their body.


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