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Chiropractor in Southaven

Dr. Constance Harrison, D.C., helped out at the other locations of The Chiro Place until the Southaven location opened in November 2021. Along with her three amazing assistants, they create a great experience for our patients. They greet each person warmly and just love on them. We’re all family here!

Care You Can Trust

The Chiro Place offers quality chiropractic care for all ages and severity of the condition. If you’re in pain, we want to help reduce your discomfort and find solutions for your pain. Dr. Conn has cared for many pregnant women in her clinic, and continues to get great results. Families, children, athletes, seniors; we’re here for you. One of our patients was an older lady with a history of strokes who wanted to be able to play with her granddaughter. Since receiving adjustments, she’s had several play dates with her. It’s not a special technique; the environment in the clinic, and the care Dr. Conn provides, make all the difference.


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