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California Herban Life’s founder, Phillip Pullion, worked in the health supplement field for 7 ½ years (1997-2003) for a distributor of supplements and private label. That company was eventually sold to a larger manufacturer out of state. Phillip uses the knowledge learned from this field, to help other people. Phillip cares about people and wants to help others realize the potential of using herbs, supplements, and vitamins to have a healthy and happy life. He has researched several of the suppliers and manufacturers we source and trusts their products are suitable as a natural and organic brand base. Over the last three years I have seen growth in the use of hemp, the promotion of CBD, however, I have chosen not to sell CBD based products at this time until the USDA and the FDA have set forth more regulatory standards for these products. We have also seen a rise the superfood industry and have studied these products through various tradeshows and additional industry knowledge and we will continue to source these. In 2017, he created this site to help those that do not have the knowledge or access to a local store in their area. He wanted to provide a quality product, improved available access, and a reasonable price so that everyone can afford a healthy and happy life. In 2020, he launched the #anewyearanewyou campaign to provide a variety of choices to help kick off the new decade with healthy, clean, and affordable choices for your well-being. Phillip has hand-selected the suppliers and manufacturers that we are selling to our customers. This is to ensure they are acceptable for himself or anyone else. He is committed to ensuring the best prices without sacrificing quality. Nobody wants cheap, non-quality ingredients in their products and neither does he. Phillip has selected the suppliers and manufactures based on the following criteria:
  1. USDA Certified
  2. Natural and/or organic ingredients
  3. Non-GMO Project Verified
  4. Trusted Brands
  5. Participants in the Natural Foods Expos
  6. Cruelty-Free
  7. Fair Trade
  8. Gluten-Free
  9. Clear and Free cosmetics
  10. Clinically tested
  11. Sourcing methods
  12. B-Corp is important for the future and seeks to add more


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