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“A Metaphysical & Botanica shop combined. We offer the largest selection of crystals from all over the globe. Finely crafted jewelry. Bulk herbs, 7 day candles, spiritual & essential oils, stick/cone & sprinkle powder incense, Florida water, colognes, & baths. Orisha worship, Vodou poppets, fetish candles, statuary, Elekes, St. medals, Palo Santo, 20 plus smudging sage varieties. Mama Siryn’s mojo line. Soaps with a purpose, Black, Shea butter, Sulfur, etc. Chakra candles and items, Dreamcatchers, books, crystal gazing balls, Runes, scrying mirrors, pendulums, charms, sigils, mojo & juju dressings. We offer readings, consults, and conjure. Reiki (+ Certification), cleansing and balancing sessions too. Plus various classes and workshops.”


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