What’s Happenin’ to Memphis?

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Memphis is undergoing an energy shift that is more powerful than seen before. The community has seen so much trauma, hate, and transformation that spiritual healing has begun that reaches beyond politics, religion or medicine.

Recently the community has been represented as a bad place to live, an unsafe community, and worst of all, the worst managed city in the U.S.  While this is the narrative, spiritual workers are coming together to share with this community ways to overcome this negative narrative.

Healing is not just for physical wounds, its mental and emotional wounds that need to be healed as well. Through the work of Reiki and other modalities, many practitioners want to show Memphians that it starts with yourself in this process.  If practitioners can show individuals how to perform self-Reiki and other meaningful techniques to begin healing then the work has done its job.

Memphis is made up of young and old, open-minded and empowered, and driven people who all share a common goal to heal a city and show the world what lies beneath the narrative.  A rich history that includes creative, medical and even spiritual people that have made a difference over the years.  Through the streets, we hold secrets of empowerment that go unnoticed and untouched by the masses.

A spiritual alignment for this community is happening. Spiritual Workers all share a similar goal of healing and empowering people through Energy Work and Alternative Holistic Wellness Care.  This is not saying remove traditional medicine from your lifestyle but incorporate practices that were used for hundreds of years by our ancestors.  If we look at Eastern Medicinal practices we can find less invasive and natural ways to heal ourselves in connection with Western Medicine.

If more spiritual and lightworkers join the mission, Memphis will overcome this narrative of being bad, unsafe and mismanaged.

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