Why Circle of Qi is valuable and important to the spiritual seeker?

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About 5 years ago I lost my mother to cancer and she was very much connected to spirit throughout my her and my life. She was fascinated with the native American culture and spiritual rituals of these groups. She was particularly attached to the Lakota Indian Tribe. Over the years we traveled, and we always found ourselves visiting native American sites and studying their beliefs. This led to many artifacts that I now have in my home. The dream catcher spirit and the native beliefs of mother earth, father sky, animals and spirit all combined intrigued my mother. She often would reference this in stories that related to her journey.

In 2013 when she passed over I found myself lost for nearly a year. I found a connection to spirit, connection to earth bound energies and a desire to be barefoot in the dirt. It was here that I found the shamanistic soul inside. I began refocusing my life to allow for more positive direction in my own journey.

Medical and Lifestyle Improvements

In 2015, I decided to undergo a major medical procedure to improve my overall well-being. This decision led me to a more holistic, natural food and alternative medicine approach to healing. With this I began reading materials on herbs, essential oils, natural foods and other holistic practices. In this I also found a connection to holistic life with alternative healing with energy workers, spirit connections, psychic mediums and medical mediums.

I had always known about the work of psychic mediums because I watched John Edward and James Van Praagh along with studied about the indigo children and followed Chip Coffey.

Through this reading I was led to a local psychic medium who I started studying the metaphysical. She showed me the different techniques that allowed her to open herself to spirit and how she was able to receive messages. Through this I began to realize I was already receiving messages from spirit. So I visited the best Psychic Directory to find out more of the local reach on metaphysical.

Value to Practitioners and Community Members

From here I found that the things I wanted to learn more about were readily available online, but I really hard to search to find them.

After that I realized as a digital marketing specialist I could assist more practitioners, vendors and seekers by offering a readily available channel. With an email list of over 1,000 people and a database of 100+ businesses we intend to sign on very soon, there will not be an event or special offer from our vendors that you’ll miss. As a member you will also receive special access to educational articles, lessons and special events from our vendors. So, if you have not signed up for an annual membership for the pre-launch ending October 31 do it today to save $20.

Practitioners should consider spending $59.99 between now and October 31st because you’ll get a second year FREE.  As a business you can use for advertising tax credits too.  You save and our community grows as members learn of more service providers out there.

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